DEAP is an elastic silicone film (dialectric) coated on both sides with a very
thin layer of metal. The film is only 40 µm thick making it very flexible and
elastic. Because of its unique mechanical properties DEAP can be placed
on non-planar surfaces and stretched up to 100% of its length. When the
material is stretched its length and area grows while its thickness reduces,
thus the metal coated layers are moving closer to each other making its capacitance grow. Therefore the DEAP sensor material is a variable capacitor.

The dielectric elastomer material basically functions as a plate capacitor

In this research attention will be on different techniques and methods for joint angle sensors. Emphasis will be on parameters and signal generation.

Technique 1: Angular position sensors in the joint

The authors in [4] were interested in the concept of developing an implantable joint angle transducer (IJAT) based on Hall effect sensors was proposed by [4] to be used in neuroprostheses. Hall Effect sensor is a device that converts the energy stored in a magnetic field to an electrical signal.

The Hall effect is an ideal sensing technology and the working principle of the Hall effect sensor is very…

The aim of this project was to design, fabricate and test smart sensors based on Dielectric Electro-Active Polymer (DEAP). The sensors was used on HExapod Cognitive auTonmously Operating Robot (HECTOR) as a test platform for the EMICAB project. The EMICAB project takes a holistic approach to robotics, where nature and especially insects are a source inspiration. Part of the EMICAB project was the development of smart sensors and the integration of them into and a distributed sensor network with a redundancy of sensors mimicking sensory organ functions found on limbs of for instance stick insects. …

In the begging, when we were discussing about building a knowledge based game, we talked about what the player will gain from this game. We had a lot of conversations about it but the finally our opinions were that we must create a game which provide knowledge to the player about different kind of specialties. We decided that we will put for each door one specialty and that this specialty will have 3 different kinds of objectives about it. During the game if you had collect and the 3 objectives then the player will be able to go to this…

Sokoban is a classic game invented in Japan. The original version of the game was written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, winning it with a programming contest in 1980.

Sokoban term means “store supervisor” (in English “warehouse keeper”) and it is one of the most loved games of logic, specific levels being created today.

The aim of the Sokoban game is carrying boxes on the target area by pushing them. The user controls the movement of Sokoban. He can move up, down, left and right cannot pass through walls. Can only push a box at the same time (cannot shoot).

To solve…

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